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“Dark Booter is one of the best stressers we have ever tested at Top 10 Booters

(60GB/s of Power)(Stop Button)(Instant)(Skype Resolvers)(CloudFlare Resolver)((Support))


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Dark Booter is one of the best stressers we have ever tested at Top 10 Booters, so we have taken the time to team up with our buddies at Exploit Interactive and find out what they have discovered.

DarkBooters custom API and Private Shell list give it the extra attack types and hard hitting GB/ps needed to take down larger servers such as Private WoW Servers and Minecraft, DayZ Game Servers and even Runescape servers.


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Using offshore custom shells for most of its power, it means that the source of the power comes from lots of different places, making the attacks especially hard to block and null route. As per our testing on our own server Cloudflare was knocked off instantly (Free version) with the usual 5GBS minimum, the booter seems to be hitting somewhere around 50GBS.

Unlike most Booters, this IP Stresser hits from multiple locations, hard. This means your target will stay down for a long period of time. DarkBooter is definately in the running for 2014 best stresser. We have noticed that other top 10 booter sites have started to notice DarkBooter and we think they will remain one of the best stressers for a long time to come.

Many customers are talking about how good the support and power is on Youtube, the owners plan to release a sister project soon. DarkBooters UI is easy to use, like iDDoS it boasts many types of resolvers from Skype to Steam and even Cloudflare.


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Why is Dark Booter considered one of the best stessers?

DarkBooter is owned and managed by very experienced staff, they stick to their rules and help users on a regular basis. Dark Booter is growing rapidly, now assumed to be one of the best stressers ever made. Stay anonymous while you perform your attacks and practice subterfuge on your own networks. Train yourself to avoid intrusion and to quickly identify incoming attacks with a contender for Best Stresser 2013



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